What is Gonorrhoea?

  • Gonorrhoea is a bacterial infection that is sexually transmitted
  • The majority of men with a gonorrhoea infection DO have symptoms, whereas half of women DON’T have symptoms.
  • Bacteria can live inside the cells of the cervix, urethra, rectum, throat and eyes, the infection can be passed on through vaginal, anal or oral sex.
  • It is possible for a pregnant woman to pass gonorrhoea on to her baby during childbirth.

Some people who have gonorrhoea don't know they've got it! Have You? - 'Be Free and Clear'.


Should I get tested for Gonorrhoea?

The answer is yes!

  • If you have ever been sexually active
  • Even if you don't think you have it

You can get a free, confidential test from the Lincolnshire Free and Clear test service. You do not have to see a doctor or nurse to have the test if you do not want to-you can take the test yourself. If there is nowhere close to you that offers testing, you can ring and we will send you a testing pack. You can also request a testing kit on this website. All you have to do once you have done your test is pop it in the post in the envelope supplied; it's as simple as that.


Order a Gonorrhoea Test


Testing Information

Gonorrhoea can usually be detected around 10 days – two weeks after being contracted. The test is normally a urine test for a male and a swab from the vagina for a female (this can often be self-taken if preferred).   If detected it is usual to be offered swab tests from all sites that may have been infected e.g. throat swab, penile (urethral) swab, rectal swab, cervical swab.

If you attend clinic with symptoms, it is often possible to detect the gonorrhoea infection from a microscope test done there and then. This allows for immediate treatment.

Tests taken within a sexual health clinic are treated confidentially, a unique clinic number being issued and used in place of a name for each person attending. Results can be accessed in whichever way is most convenient, whether this is via text, email, telephone, mail, phoning into clinic or via another person  (e.g. school nurse, friend).


Gonorrhoea Signs & Symptoms

Gonorrhoea symptoms can vary betweenn men and women.