I've tested Positive and need treatment

If you test comes back positive, please don’t worry.  You will speak with a friendly health professional (health advisor) over the telephone who will arrange for you to attend somewhere to get treated.  If you received a text message, keep this and take it with you.  We do ask that people speak to a health advisor in the first instance so they can arrange the correct treatment and any other tests if needed. 

If someone you have had sex with has told you they have tested positive for chlamydia and you think you are at risk, visit your nearest sexual health clinic or pick up a free testing kit from your local pharmacy, GP practice or order a test kit online


What are clinics like?

If you have never been to a sexual health clinic before, you will find the clinic staff friendly and supportive.  They will be able to answer any questions you may have and arrange for further testing for sexually transmitted infections if you want this, as well as provide you with the treatment to clear up the chlamydia infection.  You will be asked to book in at reception and fill in a form then you will be called to see a nurse or doctor.  If you want to know where clinics are or when they are open, visit the Sexual Health Lincolnshire website.